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Nation Laboratories offers a number of professional laboratory services, including fungal analysis for mold testing professionals.

Beyond our accreditation, standard exceeding practices and facilities, and well-trained and educated staff, Nation Labs provides clients with time and cost saving advantages not found with other labs. These include:

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5 Free Sample Sign-Up Form

Fill out the registration form below to receive free analysis for 5 fungal samples (non-viable). Following your submitting the form below, you will receive instructions on how to mail in your samples for the free analysis. Sample types can include any variation of direct or air. All media types are accepted.

If you need help filling out this form, would like to provide this information by phone or if you have questions, please call us at toll-free 1-888-485-5098.

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Cost Savings with USPS Compared to Other Carriers

You may choose any shipping organization or method that delivers to our location. For cost savings, we recommend the United States Postal Service (USPS). You can ship a tracked package via Priority or Express mail for much lower rates than FedEx or UPS. With USPS, you can print labels from your computer by signing up for their free Click-N-Ship program. With this, you can just drop-off packages at the post office or give them to your mail carrier without waiting in line.

Ground Shipping

Priority Shipping

Overnight Shipping


USPS First Class Parcel

FedEx Ground

Flat Rate Priority

FedEx Express Saver

USPS Express

FedEx Overnight

Print Shipping Labels Now Print Shipping Labels NowPrint Shipping Labels Now
Cost Rangewith Tracking $2.80 to
$8.00 to $65.00 $5.95 to $16.85 $22.00 to
$18.11 to $39.95 $60.00 to
Delivery Time 3-6 Days 4-6 Business Days2-3 Days3 Business DaysNext DayNext Day
Free Pickup With Restrictions
Saturday DeliveryExtra $15.00Extra $15.00 Extra
Additional Details*Most affordable choice for packages up to 13 ounces. *No weighing of package. Any weight up to 70 lbs. *Delivery money-back guarantee *Includes $100 of insurance 

Free Shipping Details

Every client who ships an order to us for analysis can receive a shipping reimbursement/rebate. Any type of analysis qualifies for the shipping reimbursement. The reimbursement is deducted from the cost of analysis. The amount of the reimbursement depends on the total cost of the analysis order in the shipped package. The chart below shows each order amount along with the cap amount for shipping reimbursement.

You may also request a shipping label on our shipping label request form. We use different providers depending the location of your office. For more information, please click the link below.

Learn More Here

Total Cost of Analysis Shipping Reimbursement Cap
$0 - 74.99 Up to $5.00
$75.00 - 99.99 Up to $16.00
$100.00 - 199.99 Up to $20.00
$200 + Up to $40.00

The shipping reimbursements have a cap as reflected on the chart, you must include your shipping receipt in the package with your samples in order to qualify for the reimbursement. If your shipping cost is higher than the cap reflected on the chart, you will only be reimbursed the cap amount. For example, if your shipping receipt is for $30.00 and you have $75.00 worth in analysis, you will only be reimbursed $16.00 for the shipping.

How to Receive the Shipping Reimbursement/Rebate

In order to receive a shipping reimbursement, the shipped package must contain both the samples for analysis as well as the receipt that shows the postage paid for shipping the package (a photocopy is also acceptable). You may also choose to email a scanned copy or photograph of the receipt to us at admin@nationlabs.com (if emailing, please do so within 24-hours of shipping the package). Reimbursements will not be issued after an order has been processed. The receipt must be dated within one (1) business day of the package ship date.

If you have any questions about this, please call us at 1-888-485-5098.

5 Free Samples Details

Every new client can receive analysis for their first five (5) fungal samples at no cost (free!). New clients can also receive free shipping for their first analysis package sent to us (up to $16.00).

To receive the free analysis, complete the "5 Free Sample Sign-Up" form above and submit. We will respond with simply instructions.

If you have any questions about this, please call us at 1-888-485-5098.


Reach Us by Phone Laboratory Services

"Nations labs have been extremely easy to work with. We have always been able to count on them. Often times, we have had rush jobs in which we have needed completed almost immediately, and they have come through. They are always courteous and professional. Their prices seem to be very competitive, and we thoroughly enjoy working with Nations Labs. We love Nations Labs."

Mike Adams
PureMaintenance LLC

“You expect the cost of analysis to go up with the rates they quote you initially, but no. It’s been 2 years and they still provide me with the most inexpensive analysis I have ever found.”

Richard Boeger
Northern California Environmental

Letter of Appreciation (click here to view)

Steve Worsley
Worsley Inspections LLC

"To the entire staff at Nation Laboratories: We would like to thank you for all their assistance with laboratory testing, especially when mold remediation samples often arrive to you on a rush basis. Even when it's not on a rush basis, it seems that your turnaround times always exceed your promised standard timeframes. We're also very grateful that you and your other lab technicians are always ready and willing to answer any questions we may have about the results we've received. And, of course, your team is always very professional from the person that answers the phone all the way through to your lab technicians that answer questions. Thank you very much for your service!"

Administrative Staff
Ted Roberts Construction